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About Shadow Company HQ

Shadow Company HQ was founded on October 8th, 2008 to be a gaming community designed to bring together like-minded, mature gamers who wanted a place to find other individuals to play with on a regular basis. One of the primary goals of Shadow Company is to provide our members with an organized, team-based, mature, yet fun environment that our members could not only enjoy everyday playing the games they love, but also grow as individual players and together with a team.

Shadow Company HQ has grown from a mere 20 some-odd members to over 700+ at one time. Our community primarily focuses on First-Person Shooter games such as the staple Call of Duty series, but also games such as Battlefield, and Destiny. Shadow Company is always growing, changing and evolving, and that means the games we support for our members, and how our community operates, grows and evolves as well.

Shadow Company HQ uses a para-military style organization system complete with full U.S. Army ranks, along with various positions throughout our community that are designed to help ensure things run smoothly on an everyday basis; all the way from the squad level (teams), to the top administrative level (community leaders). Our community is established along the mindset that while we are here to have fun playing the games we enjoy, and make friends along the way, we also have expectations of our members in regards to their conduct and behavior.

Squads practice two nights a week for one hour (times vary between squads). If you miss more than two (2) practices without notifying your squad staff members (team leaders), unfortunately you will be removed from the community. While we understand real life comes first and foremost, all we ask is that you communicate with your team and leaders when life gets in the way. We will never tell you that the game or the community comes first; your family, friends, job, etc. always come first.

We have basic expectations such as: no cheating, respectfulness of your teammates and opponents, self-discipline, willingness to learn and grow, etc. We hold the statement, "Treat others how you would want to be treated" very closely to our community. This goes into our Community Core Values: Respect, Teamwork, Discipline, Kindness, and Leadership.

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Games supported

Playstation 4 and Xbox One

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Shadow Company currently has active Squads for our Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Regiment. If you enjoy getting into lobbies with a team to take on the world in a squad structure this is the place for you! Practices take place weekly to help members develop and grow as a team.

Call Of Duty: Blackout

Shadow Company currently has active Squads for our Call of Duty: Blackout players! Practice tactics and landing zones that help your team gain the advantage when playing one of the best Battle Royal games on the market.

Call of Duty: Competitive Squads

Shadow Company currently has competitive play for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Think you have what it takes to play in a fast past gaming world? Join today and start working your way to becoming a members of our Competitive Team.

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