Battlefield V Night

April 10, 2020 -

Event Leader: Fatalkenshin

Time: 2200-2300 BST (1700-1800 EST)


If you’re new to the game we will help in any way possible with the basics. If a member wishes to stream the event they must forward it to the event leader first, some members may not be comfortable with their voices being broadcast so we will be notifying them before hand and that you should respect their privacy but other than that feel free to add or DM Fatalkenshin for any questions you wish to forward.


I've been a member of Shadow Company since March 2019. In this time I've held several positions within the community both as Squad Staff and support roles including Graphic Artist and Senior Instructor. Now as a member of the High Council I focus on the management of the discord server as well as other general responsibilities.

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